Dag en nacht parkeren

(68570) Ihlara - Ihlara Vadisi Yolu

Gemaakt op 31.01.2023 door Silo2022
#395365 - Dag en nacht parkeren
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Très grand parking.
Surface dure. Très proche de l'entrée du canyon d'Ilhara. Poubelles sur place. Superbes vues sur les montagnes environnantes. Nuit tranquille.

Very large parking lot.
Hard surface. Very close to Ilhara canyon entrance. Waste bins on site. Great views of surrounding mountains. Quiet night.

Sehr großer Parkplatz.
Harte Oberfläche. Ganz in der Nähe des Eingangs zur Ilhara-Schlucht. Abfallbehälter vor Ort. Tolle Aussicht auf die umliegenden Berge. Ruhige Nacht.

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  • 38.2517, 34.3037 (lat, lng)
    N 38°15’6.1704” E 34°18’13.2984”

  • Ihlara Vadisi Yolu
    68570 Ihlara,
    flag-tr Türkiye

Gemiddeld (7 Beoordeling) : 2/5
  • 2/5

    This area is still not accessible they are constructing a parking area and new entrance to the valley. The road leading to this spot is quiet and very wide and ideal for overnight. Great 4G

  • 1/5

    inaccessible. hopefully it will open again.

  • 1/5

    Not accessible. Oct/2023. Will be closed for the winter for re-surfacing. Parking at the Mosque.

  • 5/5

    c'est effectivement un très grand parking proche de la mosquée mais qui ne dérange pas tranquille eau et toilettes à la mosquée endroit parfait pour faire la randonnée dans la vallée de l'ihlara

  • 1/5

    Parcheggio non raggiungibile, strada chiusa. anche l'accesso alla valle di Ihlara è alcune centinaia di metri più a sud, ben indicato ma attenzione: pochissimo parcheggio in vivinanza dell'ingresso, certo non per mezzi superiori a 6.5 m.

  • 1/5

    stanno ancora rifacendo il pavimento. Non si può stare qui (Fine Maggio 2023)

  • 3/5

    When we checked this the bricks as seen in the picture where all pulled up. You could probably still park there and sleep but we had to drive by rocks that where obviously put there to keep people out so we decided to go somewhere else.