Parking lot day/night

(41092) Sevilla - Ronda Supernorte

Created on 13.11.2018 by sousab
#108161 - Parking lot day/night

Immense parking goudronnée abandonné entre la voie ferrée et le Rio guadalquivir

Huge abandoned tarmac parking between the railway and Rio Guadalquivir

Riesige verlassene Asphaltparkplätze zwischen der Eisenbahn und Rio Guadalquivir

Enorme estacionamiento asfaltado abandonado entre el ferrocarril y el río Guadalquivir

Limited height:
  • 37.4124, -6.0097 (lat, lng)
    N 37°24’44.5716” W 6°0’35.0388”

  • Ronda Supernorte
    41092 Sevilla,
    flag-es Spain

Average (3 Feedback) : 2.33/5
  • 5/5

    Ruhiger grosser Platz , direkt zwischen Fluss und Triana. Sehr gut um ein paar Tage in Sevilla zu verbringen.

  • 1/5

    Do not park here! Very dodgy people around, I had a man on a moped watching and waiting, a man driving circles around my van and just a really really bad feeling about the area. I stayed for one night, on Sunday, but I did not leave my van. Go to the Jardin Americano, beautiful spot with shade :)

  • 1/5

    Sadly they will rob you here. Much hustlers and dealers here. Not safe place!!!!!!!