Parking lot day/night

(S9 3LX) - 2 Ripon Street

Created on 11.09.2019 by kxiz
#155902 - Parking lot day/night

Route secondaire sans entreprises juste à côté de la route principale. Il y a un champ à côté de cette route et un arrêt de tram en ville

Side road with no businesses on just off the main road. There's a field next to this road and a tram stop into town

Nebenstraße ohne Geschäfte direkt an der Hauptstraße. Es gibt ein Feld neben dieser Straße und eine Straßenbahnhaltestelle in die Stadt

Number of places
24 hours
  • 53.3904, -1.4346 (lat, lng)
    N 53°23’25.3644” W 1°26’4.7328”

  • 2 Ripon Street
    S9 3LX ,
    flag-gb United Kingdom

Average (6 Feedback) : 4/5
  • 5/5

    Stayed 19/9/21. Nothing picturesque but perfect for one night if you need to be in Sheffield or are on a long trip. I was woken once by a lorry pulling up at about 2am but other than that it was really quiet, some road noise but nothing intrusive.

  • 1/5

    Do not stay here!!! Dangerous. Assaulted at 0455 on the 29.11.20. This was following an horrific pre-cursor with all but one (N/S front) of my windows smashed. 2015 Relay. Been to France, Spain, Morocco and back, only had one evening knock. 5 nights in Sheffield while waiting for my accom for a new job, then this. Devastated.

  • 5/5

    I'm here now for the night in my car.. Nice and out of the way

  • 4/5

    Handy for one night. Next to a field which is perfect if you've got a dog. Traffic quite loud but still got some sleep. Police drove by but didn't stop

  • 4/5

    Sitio apartado y sin coches

  • 5/5

    Quite and nice place