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Created on 22.09.2019 by boaro
#158202 - Parking lot day/night

Ikea, parking pour les campeurs, pas pour les campeurs de plus de 3,5 t / 3,20 m de hauteur !!!

Ikea, parking for campers, not for campers over 3.5t / 3.20m height !!!

Ikea, Parkplatz für Wohnmobile,
Nicht für Wohnmobile über 3,5t / 3,20m Höhe !!!

Ikea, parcheggio posto per camper

Price of services
Non ci sono, solo bagnio in ikea
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Limited height:
  • 40.7538, 14.7888 (lat, lng)
    N 40°45’13.6152” E 14°47’19.7772”

  • Orignano Baronissi Provincia di
    84081 Baronissi,
    flag-it Italy

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  • 3/5

    Great for one night. The usual coming and going of romantic couples! This is an official parking place as signposted by Ikea. My advice is to park further towards IKEA and not in the dark corner of the area marked, as the lights also go out in the carpark at 10.30. also if you are light sleeper note that trains run all night and do sound their horns.

  • 4/5

    Lighted All night, but quit.

  • 1/5

    NICHT FÜR WoMo.s über 3,5t / 3,20m Höhe. Ansonsten sah es okay aus!

  • 3/5

    Good place to spend the night