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(1614) Sofia - 1 ulitsa

Created on 26.04.2022 by cve7i96
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  • Drinking water

Eau minérale avec 4 robinets à haute pression. Il y a aussi une aire de pique-nique.

Mineral water with 4 taps with high pressure. There is also a picnic area.

Mineralwasser mit 4 Hähnen mit Hochdruck. Es gibt auch einen Picknickplatz.

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  • 42.6783, 23.2454 (lat, lng)
    N 42°40’41.97” E 23°14’43.4616”

  • 1 ulitsa
    1614 Sofia,
    flag-bg Bulgaria

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  • 4/5

    Very busy water tap. If you have multiple jugs, bring them with you. Seems like the thing to do is bring all your jugs up and use one of the spigots for your jugs.